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We'll Take Care of Your Teeth

Let us be your dentist in Philadelphia, PA

Your oral health is just as important as your overall physical health. Choose Modern Dentistry and Cosmetology Center today for healthy teeth that look great too. We provide a range of cosmetic dentistry, root canals treatments, emergency dentistry and other dental procedures. Our staff is committed to providing exceptional care that prioritizes your needs, goals and lifestyle preferences.

Healthy teeth make for a happier you. Visit our Philadelphia, PA dentist office today or call ahead at 215-673-9050.

Your smile is our service

Our dentists use modern technology and quality dental care to treat patients of all ages. We offer a wide variety of dental services, including:

Cosmetic dentistry
Your teeth need to look their best. We offer many types of cosmetic treatments like teeth whitening, veneers and laminates.
Root canal treatment
Without proper care, the inner pulp of your teeth can become infected. Our dentists provide efficient root canal treatments that remove the infected dental pulp and alleviate any pain.
Routine dental exams
Regular dentist visits prevent any major oral issues. We provide easy check-ups that are great for the entire family.
Emergency dentistry
Are you in a lot of pain? Stop by our office today for quick oral care.

Our team of experts has 30 years of experience between them. That means you're always getting the best oral care no matter what procedure you choose.

Need help deciding which procedure is best for you? Call us today for a consultation.

Why you should choose Modern Dentistry and Cosmetology Center

Everybody needs the dentist. That's why we help everyone stay on top of their oral health. Our patients will receive:

Great customer service

You're our number one priority

Quality dental procedures

We have advanced technology and three decades of experience


Police officers, firefighters, military members and government employees receive 15% to 20% off office prices

Additionally, senior citizens will receive 10% to 15% off their services.

Don't defer your dental health any longer. Schedule an appointment today.